Nurture Top-Performing Designs

The Unique Dashboard offers comprehensive insights, user-friendly data representation, and tailored segmentation to enhance ad-specific analytics.

UpSize Your Analytics: Custom, Clear, and Current

Achieve clear insights into primary performance catalysts, pinpoint top-performing ads, and craft designs that truly resonate.

Unique Design Insights

Gain precise clarity on how distinct design assets fare across varied campaigns. Delve into key performance indicators that spotlight standout designs.

Categorize Your Designs

Organize designs based on shared characteristics to discern successful elements. Sort by name and ID for campaigns, ad sets, and individual ads.

Design Spotlights

Swiftly pinpoint exceptional outliers and promptly refine your design strategies.

Decode Design Intelligence

The Unique Dashboard simplifies the process of transforming precious insights into interactive data visuals that resonate with your entire team.

Dynamic Graphs: Assess multiple crucial metrics across your designs or bespoke segments via lively trend charts.

Distributable Reports: Examine detailed reports to swiftly discern platform versus Pixel metrics for every design asset.

Adaptable Indicators: Fine-tune your evaluations to the key performance indicators pivotal for your enterprise’s expansion.

Empower Your Entire Enterprise

Seize and disseminate crucial insights to shape design strategies across all brand interactions.

Design Performance Snapshot: Circulate highlights of ad efficacy throughout your organization, even for those unfamiliar with our platform.

Data On-the-Go: Effortlessly transfer performance metrics to CSV or Google Sheets for external analysis.